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The products sell well indomestic market and exported to European and American markets.
Polycarbonate solid sheet
Frosted Polycarbonate
PMMA acrylic sheet
Polycarbonate diffuser
Polycarbonate hollow sheet
Polycarbonate corrugated sheet
Polycarbonate Liguang board
Polycarbonate film
Soundproof walls
Polycarbonate sheet raw processing
Police Shields
seo other products


Zhuonier corporate headquarters is located in Yuchai industrialPark in Kaohsiung , Taiwan’s first optical materials R&D andmass production of the specialized companies, A modernenterprise has four production lines and plastic optical level 2German polycarbonate sheet production line,the main productspolycarbonate film(0.125mm-1.2mm)polycarbonate panels(1.5mm-20mm).light wave tile,hollow sheet,PETG,PS board.


The products sell well indomestic market and exported to Europeanand American markets.


Zhuonier described as "beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence"asthe fundamental,constant growth

and expansion,quality and service tocreate opticai piastics industry legend.

Quality good faith, the pursuit of excellence

The customer is the foundation of the development of ZHUONIER,improve productquality , be SGT All the staff of the eternal,quality philosophy and service objective. Pursue the excellence quality is ZHUONIER improve quality management of an inexhaustible motive force, withfirst-class technology,first-class service,fist-class management , first-class products set up brand , win the reputation and win.

Fast and direct logistics distribution network

In order to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment and ensure that the construction progress of environmental protection projects is not affected, the company has established a flexible logistics distribution system and established cooperation with many logistics and freight companies.

One year warranty

The company has a dedicated after-sales service department to deal with after-sales problems and provide a full set of free maintenance services to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and as far as possible not to delay the production and operation of customers.

Quickly resolve equipment after-sales service issues

Due to the particularity of the environmental protection equipment corresponding to the industry, the company has established a quick response mechanism for after-sales problems, and the equipment will be installed free of charge within 24 hours after the equipment arrives at the project site.

Complete accessories to ensure equipment

The company has built a professional spare parts warehouse to provide a full set of spare parts guarantee expenditure for the sold equipment. For equipment that is damaged by man-made or improper operation, the company only charges for replacement of parts.


The products sell well indomestic market and exported to Europeanand American markets.
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