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The use of Polycarbonate slide sheet for daylighting has better transparency

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The application fields of PC board mainly include bright walls, transparent walls, movable partitions, ceilings, display boards, light boxes, lampshades, etc. This includes applications in areas such as space design, furniture manufacturing, exhibition and booth design, or high-quality LCD display screen manufacturing. The quality of PC board is the best in China. For interior design, the fire resistance performance of PC board: In the field of interior decoration, the guarantee of human life is the most crucial. Polycarbonate board has combustion support performance, and can also provide a pathway for the rapid discharge of smoke and heat. At the same time, firefighters can quickly find the ignition point and escape route; Strong impact resistance, PC board has a strength of 200 times that of glass and about 20 times that of acrylic; Surface effect, matte effect, surface sandblasting, printing, diffuse reflection, and other rich treatment methods.

The material selected for fiberglass daylighting panels is FRP, while the material selected for PC panels is PC endurance panels, both of which have daylighting functions. Among them, PC endurance panels have good daylighting performance and weather resistance, while daylighting panels have good acid and alkali resistance and are not easily corroded by acid and alkali; The production processes of the two are also different. PC endurance boards are co extruded, and the production process is slightly more complex; PC endurance board is one of the types of daylighting boards. Most daylighting boards are made of FRP, while the so-called sunshine board is made of PC endurance board (polycarbonate). The warranty period of PC endurance board is 10 years and 15 years, while the warranty period of better FRP daylighting boards is 20 years and 25 years. In terms of performance comparison, although the thermal conductivity of FRP is lower than that of PC endurance panels, FRP daylighting panels are usually single-layer, with higher thermal conductivity than PC endurance panels (multi-layer structure). This means that in summer, when the sun is shining, the indoor temperature under FRP daylighting panels is higher. In general, both the transmittance and load-bearing capacity can be met. As for water leakage prevention, both FRP daylighting panels and PC endurance panels are fixed with screws (with sealing measures, of course). Generally, leakage prevention is not a problem. The U-shaped panels in PC endurance panels do not penetrate the panel material at all during installation, achieving true waterproofing and leakage prevention.

The self ignition temperature of flame-retardant PC endurance board is 630 ℃ (220 ℃ for wood). After testing by the National Fire Protection Building Material Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the flammability of PC board reaches GB (8624-1997 flame-retardant B1 level), and it belongs to the category of flame-retardant engineering materials. Chemical corrosion resistance PC endurance board has good chemical corrosion resistance, and can resist the corrosion of various organic acids, Mineral acid, weak acids, vegetable oils, neutral salt solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohol at room temperature. The heat and cold resistant PC endurance board has good temperature difference resistance and can adapt to various adverse weather changes from severe cold to high temperature, maintaining stable physical performance indicators within the range of -40 ℃ to 120 ℃. The photochemical PC endurance board has the highest transmittance in both visible and near-infrared spectra. Depending on the color, the transmittance can reach 12% -88%.

PC endurance boards can be seen everywhere in modern architecture, with their sturdy and beautiful characteristics, and the easy forming nature of materials means that their application in design creativity is almost unlimited. Whether planning to build large or small roofs, this innovative and highly transparent high-tech engineering material stands out as the most ideal solution.

Designing buildings to minimize load-bearing structures means that the roof materials must be lightweight and exquisite. The special feature of designing the roof of a sports stadium is that its internal space should be as much as possible to avoid visual obstruction caused by it. PC endurance boards can achieve this goal. And it has extremely stable elastic deformation ability, even when installed on support structures with large spacing, it can still withstand significant wind and snow loads. In addition, it has strong impact resistance and can withstand hail and heavy snow, providing strong security. Due to its very light weight, it is easy to transport, process, and install. 80% transmittance ensures optimal lighting conditions.

On the roofs of gyms and factories, PC endurance boards and PC sunlight boards with special UV protection layers can be preferred. Through co extrusion technology, the UV protection layer and polycarbonate substrate are evenly and firmly integrated, making the boards more sturdy and durable, filtering harmful UV rays while also transmitting visible light.