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PC board - Polycarbonate slide sheet type of lighting material

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The daylighting cover body is an upper and lower cover body, with a double-layer structure. The lower cover body is generally 3mm, and the original machine glass is made of 3mm or 4mm polycarbonate paper to support the spherical upper cover body. According to customer needs, 4mm organic glass can be used to make a spherical or pyramid cover body, and the lower mouth can be made into square, rectangular, triangular or other shapes.

The connecting piece is formed by bending steel plates and undergoes rust prevention treatment. It is used as a connection between the lighting hood and the building structure. According to the different shapes of the lower opening of the hood, the connecting piece is also made into long square, triangular, and other shapes accordingly.

The waterproof system is made of aluminum alloy material, with a waterproof system made of frame sealant and tight fasteners. The waterproof system has a stable structure, high accuracy, convenient installation, and high degree of protection for the cover. The waterproof frame can be fixed or opened separately from the connectors.

The thermal insulation system uses polystyrene foam or poly customized foam and other thermal insulation materials and polyurethane waterproof coating film to effectively insulate and waterproof the roof system of connectors.

The main types of lighting panels are:

Universal PC daylighting board. The surface film has a nominal film. The resin is a general-purpose Isophthalic acid polyester, which is commonly used in industrial plants, logistics centers and warehouses. It is a commonly used brand and can be used for up to 15 years.

Insulated daylighting panels. There is a film on the surface and insulation additives are added to the resin to achieve insulation effect. The testing centers in relevant industries have tested and found that the light transmittance reaches 75%, but the heat transfer rate is only over 20%, making it suitable for use in large shopping malls, such as restaurants, swimming pools, and residential areas.

Flame retardant daylighting board. There is also a thin film on the surface, and fireproof additives are added to the resin to achieve flame retardant effect. After testing by relevant testing centers, it is generally suitable for industrial factories, logistics centers, warehouses, and so on.

Weathering resistant daylighting board. The surface is coated with UV resistant resin, which has strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and its performance is higher than that of thin film daylighting boards. Even in harsh areas, it will have a long service life, such as coastal areas and high UV areas.

Premium daylighting board. This type of daylighting board combines film application and coating technology, making it the best product among daylighting boards. It can be used in the harshest conditions and has a longer lifespan than weather resistant daylighting boards, with a lifespan of 30 years.

PC board may encounter many problems during use, such as cracking. What are the reasons for cracking? How should we prevent it?

There are many reasons for the cracking of PC board, mainly related to the design, material selection, construction, and other aspects of the board. If the design is unreasonable, the material selection is incorrect, or some very detailed aspects are not done well during the construction process, it can lead to cracking of PC board.

If the PC board is placed in an environment that is too humid or dry, it will have a negative impact. If it is too humid, it will expand, and if it is too dry, it will shrink, which is the most likely to cause the PC board to crack. For these problems, our solutions are:

Mechanical methods can be used to force PC boards to expand or contract;

In the process of wood processing, the processing method can be changed to avoid cracking;

Apply waterproof coating on both ends and surface of PC board, which can reduce the evaporation humidity on the wood surface and reduce the degree of wood cracking;

High temperature treatment of wood to reduce the probability of cracking;

Use waterproof agents to ensure proper waterproofing treatment and prevent cracking.