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Various nicknames and applications of Various nicknames and applications of

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Endurance board, like sunshine board, is made of polycarbonate (PC) resin, which is a high-performance plastic polymer. The polycarbonate solid board, PC Bulletproof glass, PC solid board, and wear-resistant board we often hear in life refer to Polycarbonate slid sheet. In international trade, its official name is the same as that of sunboard, both of which are called polycarbonate panels. Let's have a more specific understanding of endurance boards from their characteristics. Firstly, the Polycarbonate slid sheet is impact resistant, impact resistant, and unbreakable. In fact, we can know a thing or two from the name of the endurance board. Its strength is amazing, hundreds of times that of Tempered glass, and it is widely used in anti-theft and bullet proof fields. After installation, it is very sturdy and safe. Secondly, with good processing and plasticity performance, Polycarbonate slid sheets can not only be bent, but also have circular arches, and can even be bent into semicircles, semi arches, and so on according to different construction and installation needs. Thirdly, endurance boards have outstanding lighting and weather resistance. Polycarbonate slid sheets are not only very transparent, but also an insulator and can resist ultraviolet rays. Their transparency is almost the same as glass, and they also have the characteristics of fire suppression, making them very good fireproof and lighting materials. Fourthly, the Polycarbonate slid sheet has a good temperature resistance effect. It is not only resistant to low temperatures, up to minus 40 degrees Celsius, but also to high temperatures, up to 125 degrees Celsius. Fifth, the material of Polycarbonate slid sheet is relatively light, with a weight of less than half that of glass, making it convenient for handling, construction, installation, and management. Finally, the shortcomings of Polycarbonate slid sheet should be mentioned here. To be precise, it should be the characteristics of all polycarbonate PC boards. All PC boards are not acid or alkali resistant, and UV coatings need to be added to the surface for special purposes.

The characteristics of soundproofing walls made of endurance boards are: the soundproofing effect of endurance board soundproofing walls is good, and the soundproofing effect of endurance board soundproofing walls can be reduced by 20-35 decibels, which is 6 decibels more than that of glass; Easy to install, endurance board soundproofing walls generally consist of endurance boards and keels. There are many keels suitable for endurance boards. Generally, the keel is installed first, and the cut endurance board is directly inserted into the keel to achieve the effect of soundproofing walls; Beautiful and elegant, endurance boards are currently the most plastic products on the market. Many high-tech products are now suitable for endurance boards, such as smartphones, computers, etc., which use polycarbonate sheets to shape the appearance design of products; Durable and applicable, endurance panels are known as transparent steel plates, which means their safety performance is several levels higher than all soundproofing wall materials. Endurance panel soundproofing walls can be used as both sound barriers and safety walls.

When transporting PC boards, be careful not to scratch the surface or damage the edges. After cutting according to the required size with scissors or drilling tools, remove approximately 50mm of protective film along each side before installation, and then remove the rest after installation is completed. It should also be noted that all open edges should be sealed with appropriate adhesive film to prevent water, dust, or other impurities from entering

The effect of using different materials to build parking sheds varies. Generally, high-end parking sheds use high-strength aluminum alloy materials as their main structure. The surface of this material has undergone electrophoretic spraying and high durability antioxidant treatment, with an antioxidant capacity of over 30 years. The Sun visor can be made of PC sun visor material with high impact resistance, which is about 200 times stronger than glass. The PC solar panel with UV coating adopts imported raw material polycarbonate, and is added with UV resistant material (UV resistant) through double-sided co extrusion process.

For some ordinary and practical parking sheds, you can choose a sunboard parking shed. The structure of this parking shed is made of steel or stainless steel materials, aluminum alloy accessories, and the ceiling is made of PC solar panels. The design can be customized according to customer requirements, which is currently a commonly used form of bicycle shed. The Sun visor of bicycle shed adopts PC sun visor or high-strength PC endurance plate, which has good electrical and dielectric properties. This kind of sunlight plank shed has the characteristics of anti ultraviolet, anti-aging, random style, cold bending, anti condensation, impact resistance, chemical resistance, different light transmission colors, and the light transmission rate can reach 12%.