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Differences caused by different materials

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Polycarbonate slid sheet is a colorless, transparent, and non qualitative thermoplastic material. Carbonate ester is colorless, transparent, heat-resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant, and has good mechanical properties within normal usage temperatures. Compared with polymethyl methacrylate, Polycarbonate slid sheet has good impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance, and UL94 V-O flame retardancy without additives. Polycarbonate is a common material. Because of its colorless transparency and excellent impact resistance, its common applications include optical discs, spectacle lenses, water bottles, Bulletproof glass, goggles, headlights and animal cages. Flame retardant materials are protective materials that can prevent combustion but are not easily combustible themselves, such as solid materials such as cement, steel, glass, etc; There are liquid, also known as flame retardants. If flame retardants are applied to the surfaces of various materials such as firewall bodies, they can ensure that they are not ignited during a fire and will not exacerbate or expand the combustion range.

At present, flame retardant materials mainly include organic and inorganic, halogen and non halogen. Halogen flame retardant materials have the defect of emitting a large amount of harmful gases during combustion, and their shortcomings are particularly prominent in today's society where environmental protection is increasingly emphasized.

A halogen-free, environmentally friendly, and highly durable flame-retardant board is designed and manufactured to address the aforementioned defects currently present in flame-retardant panels. Specifically, the halogen-free flame-retardant Polycarbonate slid sheet described in this utility model is characterized in that the endurance board comprises a flame-retardant core board, with flame retardant coated boards attached to both sides of the flame-retardant core board. The panel is pasted on the flame retardant coated board, located at the top of the entire endurance board, and the bottom board is pasted on the bottom of another flame retardant coated board, located at the bottom of the entire endurance board. The halogen-free flame-retardant Polycarbonate slid sheet is characterized in that the panel is made of transparent material. The halogen-free flame-retardant Polycarbonate slid sheet is characterized in that the flame-retardant core board is made of PC flame-retardant material. The halogen free flame-retardant PC endurance plate is characterized in that the panel has Surface finish. The Surface finish includes matt, semi matt, medium sand or smooth surface. Matte is also called matt, and paints of various colors can be matt or bright. The surface of matt is a bit hairy, like the surface of Frosted glass. Reflected light is' diffuse reflection ', without glare or glare, giving people a sense of stability and elegance. Bright light creates a smooth and clean surface, with reflected light reflected on the mirror surface, creating a dazzling effect and giving people a bright and luxurious feeling. Sanding is the process of making an object with a previously smooth surface unsmooth, causing light to shine on the surface and form a diffuse reflection. For example, frosted glass makes it opaque, while frosted leather clothing makes its surface less shiny compared to regular leather. The frosting treatment in chemistry involves mechanically or manually grinding glass with abrasives such as diamond sand, silica sand, and pomegranate powder to create a uniform and rough surface. It can also be processed with a hydrofluoric acid solution on the surface of objects such as glass, resulting in frosted glass.

Halogen-free flame-retardant Polycarbonate slid sheet, the panel, bottom plate, flame-retardant core board, and flame-retardant adhesive board have all undergone specialized flame-retardant treatment. The splicing and composite surface adhesives use environmentally friendly flame-retardant resin adhesive, which significantly improves flame retardant performance. The endurance board described in this utility model has fire resistance, flame retardancy, and environmental protection performance, while also having the characteristics of light weight, insulation, sound insulation, and easy processing. It is an ideal protective and flame retardant material for furniture, door making, and building decoration industries.

PC board is currently the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting material in the world. It has advantages such as high transparency, good strength, excellent outdoor weather resistance, convenient installation, and light weight. It has been widely used in industries such as architecture, agriculture, indoor partitions, awnings, and car sheds for many years, but the recognition of PC board by many customers is still not high. Our company analyzes several issues that customers are widely concerned about one by one:

1. Service life of solar panels: The length of service life of solar panels mainly depends on the raw materials and production process. The composition of PC raw materials is very important, and the lifespan of using different raw materials is definitely different; The production process depends on whether there is a UV layer that is UV resistant, whether the co extrusion of UV is uniform, and whether the thickness of UV meets the standard.

2. Usage strength: For general civilian use, it is generally used for sun sheds, bicycle sheds, car sheds, and passage sun sheds. The thickness can be selected as 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm two layer half panel honeycomb shaped plates. The U-shaped locking buckle plate is a new generation of plate types, and its excellent strength is unparalleled among the same plate types. The 2008 national snow disaster had already passed the test of history. Large lighting projects need to consult with our company's business personnel based on specific engineering needs.

3. Transportation: PC boards are solid and should not have heavy or sharp objects placed on them during transportation; When unloading, lift to prevent scratches; It is not suitable to transport corrosive chemical vehicles in the same vehicle; When customizing boards, it is best not to exceed a length of about 6 meters. Of course, when engineering requires extra long boards, corresponding vehicles can be found for transportation.

4. Customized board specifications: PC board standard width 2100mm length can be customized according to customer requirements; When the width needs to be determined, the unit price needs to be calculated separately.

5. PC board color: Our company offers products for customers to choose from, such as transparent lake blue sapphire blue grass green milky white, brown, etc. We can also produce according to the color samples provided by customers.

6. Installation instructions: Our company can provide customers with installation instructions, and large customers can provide on-site guidance for installation.