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Polycarbonate sheet raw processing

Polycarbonate sheet raw processing
Polycarbonate sheet raw processing

Product introduction: Endurance board (also known as PC board, polycarbonate board, plexiglass plate, solid board), with fire resistance, strong impact resistance, strong durability and other basic characteristics, at the same time, PC board high plasticity, but also has the characteristics of heat preservation, strong light transmittance. It can meet the high requirements of new buildings for building materials, and PC panels are increasingly appearing in various buildings today.

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    Polycarbonate sheet cutting

    Companies introduce advanced polycarbonate sheet cuttingequipment, cutting size accurate,stable,small error canpolycarbonate solid sheet , polycarbonate particle sheet , frostedpolycarbonate sheet , polycarbonate Diffuser polycarbonate andother related sheet for cutting , according to customer requests forvarious types of cutting, according to customer requests for varioustypes of cutting services to a variety of sizes.Polycarbonate sheetgeneral specifications for the 1000mm*2000mm and 1220mm*2440mm,also can produce according to customer requirements forcut to length or cut.

    Polycarbonate sheet bending

    Maximum impact strength of polycarbonate sheet large 3kg/cmimpact strength of polycarbonate sheet is 250-300 times Pudongglass, acrylic sheet is 20-30 times that of glass 2 times,almost nofracture the risk.3kg hammer to 2m height with no cracks to fallthere is "no broken glass” and “ring of steel"in the world , Impactresistant polycarbonate sheet so that it can be carried out at roomtemperature cold forming can also be formed at high temperaturesMy company has a large bending machine and oven equipment canbe carried out within 2.5m of the polycarbonate sheet bending andcold forming.Polycarbonate sheet to follow the design usingcold-formed at the site, installation of arched, semi-circular roofand windows.Minimum bend radius of 150 times the sheetthickness.

    Polycarbonate sheet engraving

    To import high-quality polycarbonate sheet as base material,orproducts based on customer drawings to be engraved.Company tointroduce large-scale CNC engraving machine,it's accuracy canbe controlled in 0.07mm.may be within the specifications of1300mm*2500mm plate engraving and cutting various shapes, avariety of flat square hole,round hole and multi-angle holes,to meetthe customer panel,casing, window and other aspects of thetechnical requirements of processing.

    Polycarbonate sheet adhesion

    Polycarbonate special glue for adhesion to the polycarbonate sheetsolid,beautiful, leaving offset, for a variety of box, mechanicalsupporting parts,arts and crafts production.

    Polyarbonate sheet moiding

    Polycarbonate sheet has impact resistance,heat resistancecold resistance, weather resistance and other properties makeit widely used in times of auto parts manufacturing,medicalequipment, aerospace, electronic points, electronic lighting andother fields.Our imported high quality polycarbonate sheet,moldmaking accurate, providing our customers with a variety offields polycarbonate sheet products processing,bendingforming, keep the product-specific size and shape, more than98% accuracy, and equipment to fully complete, and timelydelivery.

    Technical difficulty:

    1.polycarbonate sheet has a relatively high water absorptionbefore forming the dehumidification of the plate.

    2.Polycarbonate sheet with a stress cracking characteristicsmolding requires strict control of the upper and lower moldtemperature corresponding to the time. Sheet moldingtemperature to avoid the stress generated in the process ofadaptation.

    3.Molded polycarbonate sheet to be completely different fromthe Injection molding process.

    Polycarbonate sheet surface hardening

    As the polycarbonate substrate is relatively soft, so easy toscratch the more widely used to reduce the use of the materialeffect.Our company engaged in the surface hardening ofpolycarbonate sheet,hardness can be achieved HBgrade,hardened plate adhesion layer and a relatively highsurface accuracy and comparable imported sheet.

    Polycarbonate plate surface hardening

    General level of surface hardness is usually polycarbonatesheet :Shore hardness(HD)85 or so.

    As the general level and application in a wide range ofpolycarbonate sheet, the sheet can easily be scratched toincrease the surface, the appearance of the effect of variation sothe board to crease the surface hardness of polycarbonatedemand for market-wide demand.

    Polycarbonate surface hardening, in fact, the surface of the sheetmaterial coated with a layer of relatively high hardness of thelayer, the surface hardness can be increased to HB grade widelyused in electronic products,advertising, automotive and otherindustries.





      Polycarbonate outdoor shade

      Polycarbonate riot shields and helmets

      Polycarbonate vehicle windshield

      Display cabinets,crafts,etc





  • FAQ 


    1、PC endurance board is acrylic board? Is it plexiglass?

    No, PC endurance plate is also called polycarbonate version, which is a new material in recent years, and is processed from high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate or polycarbon-acid grease.

    And acrylic plate is a kind of plexiglass plate. The weather resistance, light transmission and impact resistance of PC endurance plate are better than that of acrylic plate (Plexiglass).

    2、for a long time, PC endurance board will yellow?

    The (uv) coating contained in the PC endurance board can absorb ultraviolet rays when receiving direct sunlight in the sun room, and is not easy to age and yellow.

    3、It changes shape in the sun? Will it crack when it encounters low temperature below 0 degrees?

    No, the PC endurance board is resistant to high and low temperatures, and the performance remains stable between minus 40 degrees and 120 degrees above zero

    Polycarbonate is a transparent and strong thermoplastic material used in a variety of applications due to its strength and durability. It contains carbonate groups in its structure, which makes them so strong and flexible at the same time.

    4、Is PC Endurance Board fire resistant?

    Due to the outstanding product performance of the PC endurance board, the application field has become more and more extensive, and the various performance standards of the PC endurance board are not the same in different fields. Today, Zhuoni Xiaobian leads you to talk about some problems of the flame retardant level of one of the performance of the PC endurance board; I believe that there are many users in the purchase of PC endurance board, I do not know how to judge and distinguish the flame retardant level of PC endurance board. PC series of plate flame retardant grades are substances or materials, after processing has obvious characteristics to prevent the spread of flame, and thus divided into grades.

    The commonly used PC endurance board and PC sunshine board belong to polycarbonate engineering plastic board, and the flame retardant grade of plastic is gradually increasing from HB, V-2, V-1 to V-0.

    1. HB: The lowest flame retardant grade in UL94 standard. For samples 3 to 13 mm thick, the combustion rate is less than 40 mm per minute; Samples less than 3 mm thick, burning speed less than 70 mm per minute; Or extinguish in front of the 100 mm sign.

    2, V-2: After two 10-second combustion tests on the sample, the flame is extinguished within 60 seconds. There's gonna be some stuff falling, and it's not gonna help the fire spread.

    3, V-1: After two 10-second combustion tests on the sample, the flame is extinguished within 60 seconds. Nothing will fall, nothing will spread the fire.

    4, V-0: After two 10-second combustion tests on the sample, the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds. No combustion will fall, and it will be extinguished naturally when it leaves the fire.

    A large number of experimental tests have proved that: PC sunshine board, PC endurance board, PC wave board, can be extinguished naturally within 30-60 seconds after the flame is removed from the fire. The combustion material will not not fall, has reached the plastic UL94 standard flame retardant V-0 level, users with high fire protection requirements can be assured of procurement.

    5、The advantages and functions of greenhouse sunlight panels?

    Now that you can grow beautiful flower plants all year round, how can you do it without environmental impact? This kind of plants and flowers are basically planted in greenhouses, many greenhouses will use PC sunshine board, and then Xiaobian will tell you what advantages and effects PC sunshine board has on greenhouse plants and flowers.

    PC solar panel is gradually used in more modern greenhouses because of its excellent thermal insulation effect, compared with glass and other inefficient greenhouse covering materials, solar panel greenhouse unit energy consumption is the lowest, energy consumption is shallower, 50% less than glass greenhouse.

    PC sunlight board light transmission can reach 85% and above, the use of UV anti-ultraviolet improved processing, so the board will not yellow under ultraviolet irradiation for a long time, and even 20 years of use do not occur yellowing phenomenon. The greenhouse covering material is made of glass or other materials with low thermal insulation effect, so that the heat in the greenhouse is difficult to store, and the demand for maintaining the ordinary growth of greenhouse flowers needs to increase the peripheral power, and the power cost has been increasing in recent years. This also makes the sun panel can provide sufficient light to the greenhouse, for many low-grade plants and flowers to provide a high-quality development premise, it is introduced that in Spain, many plants and flowers production greenhouses have used this PC sun panel as a cover, can cultivate high-quality flowers all year round.

    Suzhou Zhuoni Optical Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in polymer engineering plastic polycarbonate (PC) sheet R & D, production, processing, sales as one of the enterprises. The company's product system is rich, the main products are PC endurance board, PC sunshine board, PC industrial board, PC light box advertising board, PC wave tile, PC car canopy board, etc.

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