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The Strength Influence of Polycarbonate slid sheet Police Shield and PC Sunshine Board

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Sunshine board greenhouses have developed rapidly in recent years, mainly concentrated in the northern regions of China. Compared with glass greenhouses, they are lightweight, require less skeleton materials, have low cost, have low shading rate of structural components, long service life, good production efficiency, and have basically reached the same level of environmental regulation as glass greenhouses. The quality of using solar panels in a greenhouse will directly affect the overall quality of the greenhouse. Good quality solar panels: Firstly, use good polycarbonate raw materials, and secondly, do not add recycled materials such as optical disc materials. 3、 Must have a UV and UV resistant co extruded layer. 4、 Produced according to standard gram weight. There is a consensus on the first three points in the greenhouse industry, but for the fourth point, due to the lack of attention paid by the greenhouse industry to this issue, as well as some manufacturers, including some internationally renowned brands, squeezing out boards with lower weight per square meter to reduce costs, the thickness of the upper and lower walls and vertical ribs is thinner. The use of such weight reducing solar panels in greenhouse production can cause many hazards.

Sunshine board is a new type of decorative material with high strength, transparency, sound insulation, and energy conservation, widely used in building daylighting roofs and indoor decoration. There are also more occurrences at train stations and overpasses, bus stations, and some public places, and even on the top floors of some shopping malls.

The temperature of the solar panel needs to be regulated and controlled by a ventilation system, which is used to control the indoor temperature and humidity, providing a suitable growth environment for plants. The ventilation system of a solar panel greenhouse can be divided into two types: natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Natural ventilation refers to opening the skylight of a solar panel greenhouse, utilizing natural light from the outside to achieve air circulation inside and outside the greenhouse, and reducing the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse. Forced ventilation refers to the exchange of air inside a solar panel by starting a hair dryer, which regulates the temperature and humidity inside the room. We can implement different ventilation methods according to different situations.

The area of the solar panel greenhouse is constantly expanding, and the effect of improving the ventilation capacity of the solar panel greenhouse is much better than that of the skylight. The side windows of the solar panel greenhouse are generally continuous. If the solar panel greenhouse is covered with hard materials such as glass, the system drive is used. Sunlight panel greenhouse skylights can be designed to open according to one's preferences.

1、 Standard weight and wall thickness of sunlight board:

Extracted from the construction industry standard of the China JG/T116-1999 Polycarbonate (PC) Hollow Board

2、 Hazards caused by weight reduction:

1. Reduced impact resistance

After reducing the weight, as the thickness of the solar panel did not decrease, the direct consequence was a decrease in the thickness of the upper and lower walls and vertical bars, resulting in a decrease in the impact resistance of the solar panel. For example, a conventional double-layer hollow solar panel with an 8mm standard upper wall thickness of 400 μ m. Under normal circumstances, the standard for resistance to impact is for a 10 kilogram iron ball to fall freely for 2 meters without breaking. Standard 8mm double layer and 10mm double layer plates can withstand the impact of general hail. But if the 8mm double-layer upper surface panel does not meet the above technical specifications, the wall thickness of the 8mm sunlight panel is generally reduced by 300 grams μ About m, resulting in the situation of hail breakdown.

If the thickness of the upper and lower walls of the sunboard with reduced weight meets the standard, the thickness of its vertical reinforcement will definitely decrease. The vertical reinforcement mainly serves as a support. If the thickness of the vertical reinforcement does not meet the standard, the ability of the sunboard to resist snow load will decrease. Due to its excellent insulation performance, the sunlight board is not easy to melt due to the accumulation of snow on it. Under high snow loads, the reduced weight of the sunlight board will be overwhelmed and cause fracture.

2. Reduced insulation coefficient

Reducing the weight of non-standard solar panels will not guarantee the accuracy of experimental insulation test data, nor will it guarantee the stability of service life. Thermal calculations, the basis for heating systems will not be calculated, and the basis for heating equipment investment will be non-existent. This will greatly reduce the insulation performance of the entire greenhouse.

The police protective shield products are made of high-quality PC materials, with high transparency, light weight, strong impact resistance, durability, and ability to withstand throwing objects and sharp instruments. They have strong protective capabilities, are securely installed and fixed, and are easy to operate. They are excellent protective equipment for law enforcement personnel when performing tasks.

The characteristics of endurance board shields are:

The shield is made of high-strength imported PC material, which perfectly combines high strength and reasonable toughness. It has excellent impact strength and puncture resistance, good cushioning and seismic performance, and is sturdy, durable, and durable. It is currently the best type of shield material, with high strength, light weight, and beautiful appearance.

The smooth and thick edge design makes it more aesthetically pleasing without edges, making it more sturdy and durable.

The humanized handle design ensures comfortable use and stable handling.

The design of the shield arm pad absorbs sweat, is comfortable and stable to use, and is easy to clean and disassemble.

The opaque area of the steak is coated with environmentally friendly paint, which is beneficial to the human body and maintains a beautiful appearance.

The convenient combination of steak and rubber rod bracket design makes it easy to store and use between shields.

Design of protruding rubber washers; To achieve isolation between the shield and the assembled metal screws, providing a buffering effect. When using the shield, apply force to prevent cracking from the screw holes.