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Polycarbonate solid sheet

Greenhouse sun board, hotel corridor shed, car shed, sun house
Greenhouse sun board, hotel corridor shed, car shed, sun house

Product Features

Bank transparent partition, jewelry display cases, police riot shields, police helmets and other riot materials. PC sunshine board features: (1) light transmission: PC sunshine board light transmission rate of up to 89%, can be with glass. UV coated plate in the sun will not produce yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission, ten years after the light loss is only 10.

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  • UV layer and anti-fogging layer can be self-identified

    Ultraviolet light is a key factor leading to the aging of the plate, so now more and more producers choose to co-extrude the UV layer (UV layer) sunlight board. The UV layer of the good quality sunshine board can not be measured only by the thickness, but also by the uniformity of its co-extrusion, to choose the UV layer thickness and good uniformity of the sunshine board.

    The identification of the anti-drip sun board is actually very simple, that is, take a cup of hot water under the board, if the condensate water forms droplets or water droplets on the lower surface of the board, it indicates that the anti-drip effect is not good.

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