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Product Features

Good surface hardness

High surface hardness and surface gloss, as well as better high temperature performance, more suitable for instrument panels, wall clocks and decorative paintings.

Good wear resistance

Wear resistance and aluminum close, good stability, resistance to a variety of chemical corrosion.

Light transmittance

With crystal-like transparency, transmittance of more than 92%, soft light, clear vision.

Light weight

It is half lighter than ordinary glass, and the load of buildings and supports is small.

Strong plasticity

It has good processing properties, which can be thermoformed or mechanically processed. The shape changes greatly and the processing is easy.

Easy maintenance

Easy to clean, rain can be cleaned naturally, or scrub with soap and soft cloth.

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  • acrylic: also known as PMMA or plexiglass, English acrylic, chemical name for polymethyl methacrylate, usually can be divided into cast plate and extruded plate.

    Size: Standard board 1.25*2.45 meters, large board 2.05*3.05 meters, other can be determined.

    Thickness: 1~30mm, other customizable.

    Color: transparent, brown, gray, blue, opal, etc., other can be customized.

  • Architectural applications: window, soundproof doors and Windows, screens, partition porch, high-end clubs, shopping malls, elevators

    Advertising application: light box, signboard, signboard, display rack, commercial space application, outdoor feature wall curtain, inspiration map, product display, creative design

    Civilian goods: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics box, bracket, aquarium, furniture, kitchen and bath, swimming pool, etc.....

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