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FK5E-PC super wear-resistant hardened plate
FK5E-PC super wear-resistant hardened plate

Product Features

New wear resistance, impact resistance, weather resistant PC hardened plate, "NPD2102-1 Functional coating" against Sabic MR5E, using a new nano coating technology, impact/wear resistance is better than UV curing technology.

Size: 1220*2440mm, other sizes can be customized.

Thickness: 3mm~20mm, other thickness can be customized.

Color: transparent, brown, gray, green, opal, etc., other colors can be customized

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Product Details
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  • Scratch-resistant and easy to clean

    Anti-graffiti and anti-scratch, store doors and Windows/counters easily maintain long-lasting beautiful transparent

    Good light transmission

    Comparable to the optical quality of ultra-white glass, close to the wear resistance of the glass surface, anti-UV self-cleaning slow fog, providing drivers with a long-term clear vision

    Safe and high impact resistance

    Zero self-explosion anti-damage, effectively prevent the impact of Windows broken, debris scratches the human body, especially suitable for explosion-proof buses, engineering vehicles and other vehicles with high safety requirements.

    uv resistance to weather

    Can be in outdoor environment for a long time, and maintain optical quality and rugged performance.

    Modeling freedom

    Breaking through the limitations of traditional glass, hot bending releases design freedom, screen printing design, creating superior sensory and visual effects.

    Energy saving and lightweight

    40% less than ordinary glass, reducing vehicle unit operating energy consumption. 100% green recyclable, increasing vehicle recycling rates and helping to achieve dual carbon goals

  • Used in vehicle traffic (subway/high-speed rail, buses, engineering vehicles, ATV and other Windows), museums, stadiums, window displays, commodity counters, elevator protection and so on.

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